Hi together

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Hi together

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Hello together...
I'll introduce myself a bit (or a few bytes) ;)
My name is Markus, and I'm developing JavaCPC Desktop.
I was born in 1973 and my first computer ever was the Schneider CPC 464 with external 3" disk drive.
On this computer I made my first steps.
Later, in 2004 I found the java applet "JEMU" on the internet, and I asked the author (Richard Wilson, also developer of WinApe) about the sources.
Between 2004 and 2006 I fiddled a bit around in Java with no (null) skills, and since 2006 I seperated the CPC emulation core from JEMU and the result was "JavaCPC".
Later in 2010 I added a own desktop to JavaCPC so it was called "JavaCPC Desktop" and it contains several tools and things to make CPC development easier ;)
Perhaps I'll post updated from time to time here, as my sparetime allows me :)

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Re: Hi together

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javaCPC is a great emulator. welcome aboard markus. We need to open a space related to the emulator. Without emulators, our job would be very difficult.
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