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My name is Hanifi (Humphrey)
I have Cpc464 , used to own Cpc6128 but never got it worked and sold.
İ also have wide range of Retro computer lot (can not say collection) . Amiga , commodore, atari, sega, philips, nintendo etc etc.
İ would like to see old, retro computers are around as it is, i like to load game by tape as oldschool. Want to see them as itis and all the part stay original.
Do not fancy sd card adapters , moding , installing gotek cutting case, etc but i compulsorily does it.
Like to collect all part original and make them works .
Thank you very much
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Re: Hallo

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Welcome to CPCUserClub Humphrey. you are known person in istanbul retro computer society. but we are fewer than other society. therefore i want to establish user group about CPC & PCW computers. specially CPC. Humphrey you are clever person you know... maybe you can investigate cpc programming or other issues. and i'm thinking about english CPC magazine issues. and i will produce bitsector in english. because nobody interested turkish articles about CPC,Amiga, C64 therefore i want to revolution our product and magazine in english. for example bitsector, new blog posts and other magazine focused cpc. you know bitsector first 3 issue in turkish but this is problem. i dont find turkish writer and i dont take any feedback. again welcome humphrey. if you want to duty in this forum and web site, i will be very happy because if you want it, you will be power in this Club
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